Your Hubspot website is working… Now What?

I'm on Hubspot and having success, but what do I do now?

I have worked with hundreds of Hubspot customers over the years and I see all walks of life and business sizes. Although I think Hubspot is great, it isn’t the answer to big success. That is unless you use it effectively. I have seen companies big and small fail on hubspot. I have also seen many companies flounder and muddle around for years in mediocrity. I have even seen hubspot partners that could barely use the software and they are supposed to be experts.

So you have a hubspot website, now what? Nearly all hubspot customers I talk to sign up for hubspot to cure all their problems. They get signed up, they go through the learning center or I have seen a few larger clients going through personalized hubspot training only to come out on the other side with their head spinning and confused as to what to do next.

Typically as with any job we will gravitate to the jobs that are easiest for us. Some people find blogging really easy, others like the social media tool and spend all their time retweeting and commenting on social media posts. So if you are reading this and thinking, hmmm, I do spend a lot of time in one are on hubspot then you might need help.

What I have found is hubspot is great and really gets my clients and myself more leads (when used properly), but sometimes getting leads isn’t enough. I talked to a hubspot customer a few weeks ago and the marketing person was frustrated because she was doing a very good job and getting results with their website, but the sales team didn’t want to or know how to work the leads they were getting from the site. This sales team was used to selling the way they have always sold and they weren’t sure where to start with these new-fangled web leads.

This actually happens more often then you might think. Even though we get leads, the other problem could be the leads are unqualified for the sales team. Nothing is worse then someone handing you a list of crap leads, right? So how do you overcome some of these issues? Well we are going to be offering a 12 week class starting next Wednesday that is going to be training companies to align their sales and marketing to start getting big returns and quickly improve the bottom line. If you would like to learn more about this class go to the business development series page.

Hubspot as you probably know is a very analytical company. These guys are really smart they track and measure EVERYTHING. One thing they track is CHI. For those of you unfamiliar with CHI, it is Customer Happiness Index. If you are a Hubspot customer then you have a CHI score. This is not something that is in your account, but something tracked internally at Hubspot. If you attended HUGs 2011 this year you heard Brian Halligan (CEO/Co-founder) say that hubspot customers working with a Certified Hubspot Partner have a higher CHI score then those going it alone.

The class mentioned above will help not only get a higher CHI because you will improve your hubspot usage, it will also make your CEO or CFO happier. You will learn not only how to be generating a lot of leads, you will also learn new techniques to close inbound leads better and more effectively. I bet spending the 12 weeks working on this through the first quarter will change the next 3 quarters. Honestly, if you commit to this class you will probably change your life. So who’s ready to change their business and life forever?

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I'm on Hubspot and having success, but what do I do now?

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