BrandExpand Marketing Cycle

Brandwise BrandExpand® Process

Using the BrandExpand process

gets effective marketing results faster.

Brandwise BrandExpand® Process

Brandwise uses the BrandExpand™ marketing process, to help our customers get better results from their marketing.

Measurement is the key to ROI.

This is why it is important to do the research and develop a strategy before you start your marketing. Building a strong brand is one thing, but delivering it to your target market in a way that is meaningful, compelling and resonates with that market is another.

  • How do you know if your marketing message is effective?
  • What do you do if or when things aren’t working?
  • What items do you need to track?
  • How can you guarantee success?

Every business is different but going through the BrandExpand process allows you to hedge your bets. Don’t just DO marketing… DO MARKETING SMART! Make sure it is focused, strategic and on target.

Persistence is the key to Success & Profitability.

An important step in any marketing campaign is done after the ROI measurements. That step is committing to ongoing marketing. One campaign, or ad, or mailer, or article is never enough. You must commit to ongoing and continual marketing in order to build a strong, profitable brand.

Repeating and refining this cycle for the next campaign, ad, or article will make each new campaign that much more effective and profitable. This is a never ending process and how companies like Coke, Nike and Starbucks have built their brand and gained their market share. Slow and steady over time and never stopping.

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“BRANDWISE has created a cohesiveness to our branding that has increased credibility and name recognition for LSA. The LSA brand just looks sharper – the message is clear and has more impact.”

Diane Siegel –
Master Certified Coach

Livingston Siegel Associates

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