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Three Key Marketing Questions That Determine Your Company's Success

3 questions define success

Can you answer these three questions without hesitating?

  1. Can you tell me in 25 words or less what your company does without using any $10 words?

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6 Signs Your Business Strategy Needs a Makeover

business strategy makeover

Every business suffers from ups and downs, good years and bad.

The key is to have the good years out number the bad ones. I know. Sage business advice. But it’s true.

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The Marketing Landscape Has Forever Changed

facebook vacuum

Old media like newspapers and magazines are declining as we do more and more online as evidenced by a recent New York Times headline Print is Down, and Now Out. DVR’s help us timeshift our favorite TV shows and skip commercials. Caller ID enables us to screen our phone calls and we use voicemail to avoid talking with people we don’t know or don’t want to talk too (think “cold callers”).

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Sales Review: How's Your Second Half Lead Generation Look?

Does your website generate enough quality leads for your sales team?

If you're on a calendar year basis you've finished Q2 so the first Half is in the books. How'd you do?

Did you crush it or do you need to do an autopsy to find out what happened and why so many deals failed to close as expected?

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10 Tips on How to Shop for a Website Firm or Website Redesign

Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator Strategy

How do you know if you need a website redesign?

This is a big question that must be answered in a few ways. The first problem people make when doing a search for help for a website redesign is putting someone on the clock to do RESEARCH for web design companies. Typically these people are not seasoned business people so they are looking for someone who can create a beautiful website. The next thing they do is contact several design firms getting pricing.

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5 reasons I'm happy Google Keywords are dead! Goodbye Keyword Data

google keywords are dead

Breaking News!

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Lead Gen / Web Design: New site brings in leads on the first day!

Braveheart Sales website

I've had a happy surprise today.

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Lead Generation Tips: Create a clearly defined Goal you want to hit

Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator

This is the second in a series of articles around Lead Generation Tips.

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Before you start Branding: Determine Your Brand Position

branding without positioning is putting lipstick on a pig

You can't put lipstick on a pig.

We like to use funny sayings down here in the south. Lipstick on a pig means: its a waste of time to make superficial changes in order to disguise a product's true nature. Common sense to be sure, but it's lost on so many companies when it comes to brand positioning.

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If you build it, WILL THEY COME? - Website Design & Marketing Tip

field of dreams

So you may have seen the movie Field of Dreams with the lesson "Build it and they will come".

You know the movie where Kevin Costner builds the baseball field and soon meets his dad and has superstar ball players of the past playing on his field.

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