Kelly Claffey

Kelly is the first professional designer I worked closely with as I was learning the ropes of the advertising business. When I first met her at my first advertising job, Kelly trained me on how to run the advertising agencies art department.

Kelly was very patient and fun to work with. At the time she was a freelance designer. After learning what a freelancer was, I was amazed and very interested by the thought of working for myself. Kelly definitely planted the seed for the direction I knew I would take my life. 

In as little as 5 years I was able to make this dream a reality and soon my company was up and running and very successful in a short amount of time. Part of this was due to Kelly's training and the enlightenment she provided.

By this time Kelly was working for a marketing firm as their Art Director. In this time, Kelly was happy to provide projects for my company when her firm needed some help.

I am very blessed to have met Kelly and know that if I had not met her, Brandwise may not have happened. So for that, Kelly, I thank you and wish you the best!