Cameron S. Foote

Cameron S. Foote, is the editor of Creative Business, and the author of the creative service industry's two best-selling business books: The Business Side of Creativity, and The Creative Business Guide to Running a Graphic Design Business.

In my eyes, Cameron (Cam) S. Foote is a great man. Over the years I have learned so much form him. By reading Cam's first book The Business Side of Creativity, I was able to start the company that is now called Brandwise. I have read both of Cam's great books and they have really become the business bibles for the first 5 years or so. I still reference them from time to time when we run into a snag.

Beyond this I have subscribed to Creative Business for several years and Cam has offered plenty of professional business advice and tips over the years which was included in this subscription.

Cam's tips both over the phone and in the books and newsletters have saved my company a bundle by learning from someone much more experienced in business than I was. All this has allowed us to set our company up in a more effective way and allowed us to be more competitive.

After attending a seminar Cam put on we were able to really start getting aggressive with marketing our own firm. This has not only gotten us new business, but also helped us land a lot more direct mail knowledge first-hand, more direct mail business from our clients but also really helped us change the direction we were taking our company.

I know Brandwise is in a much better place for having found Cam and I thank you so much for everything you have helped us accomplish over the years!