Sheila Berkebile

This fine woman is my mother. She raised me well and created a good life for myself and my family. Although she may not have understood my always questioning, searching for ways to do things different, day dreaming and lack of interest in school, she was always nurturing and supportive.

She has taught me how to have a balanced life with a focus on family, religion and treating others well. It may have took many years, but a lot of this stuff has finally taken root.

I think because of this upbringing I am able to help make a difference in the community at large and for that I thank you.

Beyond this my mother supported me through success and failures, through tough times and the best of times.

I remember one Christmas probably around 1998 when I asked for a book called the Business Side of Creativity. I knew I would eventually go into business for myself, but when my mother bought me this book I'm sure she had no idea this was going to set the stage for the rest of my life. In 4 months I was in business for myself. This book has helped me stay focused and learn about business in the design world.

Then for several years, she helped me as I struggled with my bookkeeping. I thank you for putting up with my heated frustrations and explosions when dealing with this stuff. You were always patient with me and calmed me back down to focus on getting things completed. For this I am extremely thankful!

This type patience is something that I would later look for in a wife because I now know that I need this trait close to me.

I want to thank you so much for all you have done for me and for my business. Your reach has gone further then you will ever know.