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Specialty Promotional Items used to build brands

Juggling Balls for Promo Item.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Feb 19, 2010 @ 12:42 PM

Tags: Promotional Items

LSA Promo Items - juggling Balls - image

Livingston Siegel Associates asked prospects and clients how many balls do you have in the air. LSA is a business coach and helped clients get control of all the things they are juggling with their business.

What a great use of a promo item to really drive that point home. Plus this fun and cleaver item is very memorable. We did not manage this project, but only designed the LSA logo/brand.

The key to promo items is finding a way to tie them into the bigger message of your brand or marketing efforts. We thought Diane (the owner of LSA) did a great job of promoting her company, standing out and also continuing their branding efforts.

Another idea would be to develop a package that these balls set in that would continue the branding and also make these items become more of a collectors item and really add value.

Anyhow, we recommend using promo items that work well with the marketing your doing, not a pen for the sake of getting a pen. Get something nice and send them out to quality prospects, not just anyone who walks by.