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Logo & Logotype definition.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, May 28, 2009 @ 01:06 PM

Brandwise Logo, Logotype header

Brandwise is an impressions creator & manager. We help companies put their best foot forward by helping them create strong and lasting impressions through their logo. A strong logo is going to help establish trust and build an instantly recognizable graphic symbol for regular use in a company's marketing and everyday correspondence.

After (brand, product, service or company) naming, a logo is the strongest part of laying a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. A logo becomes the visual representation of your company and since it is graphic, it should always look the same every time it is used. You may however need a corporate identity style guide created to police the usage and make sure the brand is consistent across all mediums.

  • Logos: A mark or symbol created for an individual, product, service, or company that translates the impression of the company it is representing.

  • Logotype: Any alphabetical configuration that is designed to identify by name an individual, product, service, publication or company.

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