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Want effective email campaigns? Make an offer!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Oct 11, 2011

Want effective email campaigns? Make an offer!

This is the first email campaign we did for The Garden Continuum. It was to promote an offer of their recent ebook Demystify Your Landscape: How to Pick Plants.

This email was a hit! Typically doing an email campaign gives you a spike in traffic/leads but then peters out just a quick as the spike. This campaign however lasted for several days (to-date). For a client that hasn't had luck getting leads before this campaign, they were excited and a little scared with the quick burst of leads they got in 6 days.

Basically they went from 0 leads to 60 in less than a week.

The downside of a campaign like this is that you need to have a system in place to either nurture all these leads or a sales strategy and system in place to work all these leads. Without a process to handle these leads, they will become stale and defunct. So putting an email campaign out there with an offer like this is great, people went to the site and downloaded the eBook offer we created, but phase 2 is following up on all these leads. This was a good test email for the client and brought up a bunch of new questions for futre email offers, like:

  • How should we start qualifying all these leads into "A leads", "B leads" and "C leads"
  • What kind of a sales process or system do we need in place to start working all the "A" leads that we get?
  • How can we build a lead nurturing campaign to nurture the "B" leads?

So yes this brought up some issues that, if you did not currently have in place could cause problems, but this will be part of the learning process with your first email campaign. You need to put things out there and see what kind of interest there is. Then you need to see how many of your readers will take action and sign up for your offer.

Creating an offer is the thing that adds true value to any email campaign you may create. Each campaign should get progressively better and better. So try an email campaign and add an offer of some sort and see if you can see as good or better results. Good Luck!

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