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Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Dec 31, 2009

Simple Moments email newsletter design image

How can a photographer known only for wedding photography educate clients and prospects that they also do great portrait photography? This is one of the questions we asked Simple Moments Photography. They were not sure of the answer to this question so we offered this idea.

In 2008 Simple Moments Photography had Brandwise help them build an integrated marketing approach to start promoting their portrait photography services. Brandwise developed a marketing strategy that used direct mail, an email newsletter and made special offers on web based landing pages. We are going to just talk about the branded email template here.

In order to keep this campaign consistent we created a branded email template that allowed Simple Moments to send out regular marketing messages to their house email list.

This was a low cost way for Simple Moments to stay in touch with customers, prospects and friends and family. Simple Moments has kept up this marketing effort for several years now and it looks like this might be something they continue to use into the future.

As of today Simple Moments is getting an average of:

  • a 56% open rate
  • a 24% click through rate
  • and a 0.3% opt out rate on their email campaigns.

Tags: Brand Building, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing


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