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Corporate ID Packages include cards, letterhead, envelope design, etc.

Branded corportate identity design for Fort Worth's NewStarts.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sep 3, 2010 7:17:00 AM

BW NewStarts Identity Package

NewStarts offers counseling to youth and adults.

NewStarts needed help and guidance on their company name and domain selection. On-top of this NewStarts wanted to develop a logo and corporate identity package that spoke to the audience they worked with and also help establish trust instantly.

Brandwise worked with them to help choose a name that a strong brand could be built on, helped them develop the CreateNewStarts.com domain name and then focused on the professional NewStarts logo design. Then we started developing a look and feel for the company by building their branding foundation and corporate identity package design.

NewStarts has gotten all the tools they need to brand themselves as a leader in their industry. Their new corporate identity package design makes it easy to communicate and interact with clients, prospects and vendors in a more professional way. This has given then the ability to build trust in their company and really look professional with their daily interactions - networking, corrispondance, prospecting and business replies, etc.

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