Brandwise, your Fort Worth based, Inbound Marketing expert and training consultant.

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Brandwise is your local Fort Worth, Inbound Marketing strategic partner. We will help you use your web site as a sales tool by implementing Lead Generation software that includes:
  • Content Management System -
    so easy to use a 6 year old could update your site!
  • Web Site Statistics / Analytics - tracking and measurement anyone can learn and start to use.
  • Search Engine Optimization - get every page moving up the search engine ranking.
  • Branded On-Site Blog - use the blog on your site, no need to have another password to try to remember for yet another site, plus on site blogging builds more traffic to your web site.
  • Lead Generation System - isn't your web site supposed to be helping you build your business? How many leads is your current site generating?
If you are looking to get a free trial and also 2 free hours of Brandwise marketing consulting, get in touch now.
Blog stats example: Notice how each week subscribers to the blog just keeps growing.

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Inbound Links stats example: Notice how each month is getting better and better. (inbound links are external web sites linking into your web site, the more people linking into your site the better your search ranking)

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