Howard Miller

Howard Miller was the guy that gave me my first break in the advertising business. When I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP), I was going to take over the world with design. I had a strong passion for wild graphics and cool photoshop graphics. Unfortunately AIP allowed me to graduate without a professional portfolio. I had lots of illustrations and cool graphics all mounted on randoms boards of all different styles and sizes. Looking back I can see why it took me so long to land a job. Basically it was because my portfolio sucked and I had no idea what the advertising business was all about.

Howard ran Howard Miller Assocaites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Howard needed affordable help to manage his agencies art department. He took a big risk on me, but took me under his wing and helped me learn about the advertising business.

Howard had a side passion for wine and also owned a vineyard. He asked me if I was interested in coming to his farm to help work on the vineyard. Because he also put out the quarterly PA Wine Association Newspaper, it was a great opportunity to learn the wine industry from the inside, not only through designing the newspaper and doing ads for the wineries.

This was hard work picking several acers of grapes is no easy task, but it was extremely rewarding. I love a good hard days work outside in the sun. I truly loved this work and really enjoyed spending time with Howard and all the workers during the harvest.

Howard helped me understand how to run an agency by giving me more tasks than just design. This was probably one of the best places I could have started learning the industry.

Howard thank you for everything you have given me. I truly appreciate it and know part of the reason I am in business for myself and have had the success I have had is from the things I learned from you at HMA and on the farm.