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The Science of Selling & Salespeople -
Understanding the Data

After assessing over 1 million sales candidates these are some of the findings…


  • 85% of all sales teams do not have a formal sales process.
  • 45% of sales managers struggle to manage effectively.
  • 62% of salespeople do not sell effectively.
  • 7% of salespeople will sell effectively and consistently.
  • 32% of salespeople cannot/will not sell.
  • 21% of salespeople are not trainable.


Successful Salespeople are A Different Breed -
Do You Know How To Define and Find Them?

Highly successful salespeople are successful because they have an effective and consistent way of selling and because they take responsibility for their actions, activities and results. If you work with Brandwise, we will take your sales team through a self-discovery process of understanding how to improve what they can control – their own sales activity and behavior. Self-discovery starts with each salesperson taking responsibility. Then we teach them the skills needed to effectively generate leads, qualify and close more business.


Three Steps to Create High-Performance Salespeople

  1. Set A Baseline: Use a Sales Evaluation to figure out your sales rep's strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Tools & Training: Implement a consistent and effective selling system that works.
  3. Tracking & Coaching: Monitor sales activities so choke points can be found and skills coached by sales manager.