Dale Berkebile Sr.

Well first of all father, you not only gave me my life, you gave me my name, your name. Looking back I have never ran into more than a handful of "Dale's" over my life. This has helped set me apart and be memorable. This is what I now do for companies, products and services. I try to give them a name that will stand out in the marketplace.

One of the best traits you have given me has been a strong work ethic and the ability to never give up. I have always been a hard worker when I applied myself and this is probably due to this work ethic you instilled in me. On top of this you also instilled the DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude and showed me how to use my hands and my mind to build anything I want. This may be as little as working on my car or home or as large as building my business.

You always said "you can do anything you put your mind to". This is extremely valuable information and has allowed me to do many things I put my mind to.

Another tip you taught me was "you can learn how to do anything by reading a book". Although, in my early life I hated reading, I never knew how to apply this until my mid 20's. Now I read a dozen or so books a year. This is a huge part of my life since I am constantly trying to learn how to create a world class company, God knows this has been tough with no formal business training. Things are however progressing due to this skill. I have basically gotten my MBA in business through the school of hard knocks and by reading hundreds of articles and books over the years.

You have also provided me with a passion and love for the outdoors by taking me fishing, hunting, camping, boating and so many other things I hold dearly. I am sad when I am not active with this passion. While enjoying the outdoors I feel truly alive. Thank you for opening my eyes to this beautiful world!

I hope one day to use my skills to help improve or save the environment on a larger scale. This is one of the things Brandwise will always have as a goal in order to allow others to see and enjoy the type of things you have opened my eyes to.