Could your
sales be better?

Do you want to grow sales in 1Q12?

Are you a CEO, CSO, or CMO that is getting increased pressure as your sales slump? Are you wondering about new tools to overcome declining sales? What will you do? Beef up marketing? Replace or fix your sales team? "Smarketing" is the solution that unifies your sales and marketing into one process.

Where would you start:

  • Evaluate your current sales team?
  • Replace or train under-performing salespeople?
  • Conduct a marketing evaluation of current tools, collateral and your brand?
  • Develop a marketing strategy focused on “Sales-Ready” Lead Generation to set your sales team up for success?
  • Launch a marketing campaign that helps your company get found by new customers?
  • Create a way to track KPI’s and measure ROI?
  • Get help starting the process and establishing benchmarks, timelines and accountability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are invited to schedule a no-charge Smarketing Consultation today! Fill out the form to schedule your 30 minute call with our sales expert and our marketing expert. They will answer your questions about Smarketing, and offer suggestions for 2012.

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