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Professional Brochure Design

Real Estate sales promotion through the Tuscan Village brochure.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Jul 23, 2009

Tuscan Village Real Estate sales brochure image

The Tuscan Village is a community developed in Glen Rose, TX. All the homes have a Tuscan flavor to the building design. The community developer and his real estate partner were looking for a way to promote this community. The goal was to keep a Tuscan and old world feel to everything designed. Tuscan Village wanted a way grab peoples attention in the real estate office and provide take away information at the open houses.

To educate and inform prospects of the pricing, floor-plans and other points of interest we created this brochure. In order to create interest, we got a photographer to take shots that capture the great features of the homes. We then designed the brochure to stand out from all the clutter of competitors by using a strong color pallet that tied in with the Tuscan flavor the builder was shooting for.

This brochure was a main part of the sales promotion. Because this was a newly developed and unknown community, the brochure helped build a recognizable brand for the Tuscan Village. It was very helpful for the real estate team's promotional and sales efforts.


Click the link below to see the actual brochure as a pdf file
Brochure Design by Brandwise

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