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What are Self-Limiting Beliefs & How Do They Hurt a CEO

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sat, Oct 31, 2015

Self-Limiting Beliefs are, well, beliefs that limit your level of personal success.


So we all have things we believe, some are supportive beliefs, some or not supportive.

A CEO may have some "self-limiting beliefs", but if they are successful at all they often have many more supportive beliefs. Where do Self-Limiting Beliefs most often hurt a CEO? Well, often it is the self-limiting beliefs of the salespeople that cause the most damage to an organization.

So let me give you an example...

The other day I had a meeting with a prospect, I flat out asked the COO and the CCO (chief creative officer) what they personally thought "A Lot of Money" was. One said $200 the other said $400. So before either will make a purchase of $500 they need to run things past their wife (not necessarily a bad thing, it is good to keep your spouse in the loop).

Here is where the problem comes in, what would happen if these two were salespeople?

Let's say they sold 6 figure product solutions. Now let's also say they are in a sales meeting with an organization and the decision maker gives them push back on a $250,000 solution they are pitching. What if this person said… "Boy this sounds interesting, but I need to run this past my CFO" or "I like what you're presenting, but I really need to sleep on this".

As the salesperson, the problem is the fact that you will probably understand and relate with the prospect because, you too, would need to think things over.

So you decide to let the person think it over or share things with another person. At the end of the day this extends the length of the sales cycle.

Another way to handle this is to dig into and question the decision maker. This is difficult for some salespeople because it goes against their personal BELIEFS. Another belief that may keep these salespeople from having this tough conversation could be their need to "Be Liked". If they are too concerned with being liked, they will not ask hard questions and give the decision maker push back. Nor will they want to bring up conflicting thoughts and push back that the decision maker may not have been exposed to before.

I hope this helps you understand how Self-Limiting Beliefs could hold a company or salesperson back and how this could be hurting the CEOs agenda. Let me share a few more of these beliefs…


There are 46 Self-Limiting Beliefs for Salespeople.



Here is a list of 10 of the 46 Self-Limiting Beliefs that hurt salespeople:

  • I understand when my prospect wants comparison shop.
  • I need to educate my prospect.
  • I prefer to dominate the conversation
  • I need to make presentations.
  • I need to provide proposals (or quotes).
  • I need to tell prospects about the company.
  • Prospects are honest.
  • If a prospect is happy with their current vendor then I can't help them.
  • I tell my prospects why they should buy from me.
  • If a prospect is upset, I should end the call (or meeting).

Would you like to know how we flush out Self-Limiting Beliefs on your sales team or of yourself? If so, Register for a free Sales Candidate Assessment for yourself or one of your salespeople.

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