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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Social Media Demographic Infographic

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

We've been creating a lot of content recently around Demographic Data.

So to keep things fun we decided that it might be a good idea to create a few articles revolving around demographics used as infographics. This one shows the demographic data based around social media sites. This is a nice infographic, but I think it is a few years old. So the data could be different today than it was 2 or 3 years ago. We'll try to create or find other infographics relating to demographics to share or update this info.

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Tags: Marketing, Demographic Data

Is your website working? Use these tools and monitor 3 areas!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Mar 18, 2013

Everyone needs a website right? Of course they do.

So with millions of people creating websites, how do you know if yours is performing? I was talking to someone the other day who was doing a lot of great things with their online marketing. They had a active blog, great use of social media so are they doing great? Yes and no.

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Tags: Web Design & Development, Marketing, Sales, Website ROI

Can the power of compound interest be applied to marketing?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Feb 06, 2013

The power of compound interest is great in theory, but… why do so few people use it to their advantage?

Is it because we always tend to be looking for the quick fix, the big windfall, the silver bullet? Or is it just because we are all too lazy and or impatient to do the little things that it takes to create the compounding effect? I've read a book called The Slight Edge. In this book they talk about how the small items are easy to do, but they also are just as easy to not do. I think this is the case for both money, marketing and sales. People struggle everyday with the small things and so we miss big wins. Because we do not commit to getting the ongoing small things done every day, every week, every month, every year we do not become the millionaire or a marketing thought leader or the sales rainmaker.

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Tags: Marketing, Blogging, Branding

Super Bowl XLVII lights go out… will it affect the Mercedes brand?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

One brand will be remembered from Super Bowl XLVII and it isn't due to Super Bowl Commercials.

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Tags: Marketing, Advertising, Branding

10 reasons many people fail when using LinkedIn

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Jan 03, 2013

Are you using Linkedin successfully?

So often people set up profiles on all the social networking tools and they then wonder now what. Well today I thought I would share a few of the problems many people have on Linkedin and hope you find some new tips to apply to your profile today.

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Tags: Marketing, Advice, LinkedIn

How typos can undermined your Luxury brand

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Dec 28, 2012

Ok, I know this is a funny article coming from the guy who struggles with spelling, but typos can kill a brand.

I just got back from my Christmas trip with family in Houston, TX. After getting home and grabbing some food, the wife and I thought we would throw on some mindless TV to chill and ease back in to our normal home life and work week.

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Tags: Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Advice

Doing innovative work means constantly challenging yourself & change

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Dec 21, 2012

Reinventing oneself is a hard and scary process, but in order to innovate you need to push forward and go into uncharted territories.

I have taken on this reinvention process many times to build the company "I wanted." Many times this was for selfish reasons driven by ego. I wanted to be cool and have this great company who was the top in my industry. Ok, so this is all great, but how long can you continue to feed your ego without big wins for others. What I have found is that the more I change the more I become my best customer.

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Tags: Marketing, Announcements, Sales, Smarketing

Sales & Marketing? Can they work together to create a power Brand?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Dec 12, 2012

Carole Mahoney and I were talking the other day and she helped me define a regular frustration I have by reviewing…

where design and branding
fits into the bigger picture of
business development.

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Tags: Marketing, Sales, Branding

Mayan's say save your marketing dollars… It's the end of the world!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

If you're looking for a reason not to spend a lot of money on marketing, you are in luck December 21st, 2012 is the end of the world as we know it!

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Tags: Marketing, Announcements, Sales

Does buying all marketing feel like your being sold a bill of goods?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sat, Nov 17, 2012

How can the billions of dollars being spent on marketing be so ineffective?

I've been in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years. One thing I can say for sure is that 99% of marketers and marketing are total crap. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? Well, I don't think so. Honestly I'm an ad guy that hates advertising. Why is this? Because it interrupts my TV programming, my radio listening, my magazine reading and clutters up my inbox and my mailbox. The point here is this… most advertising and marketing is done blindly in hopes to find one person who will buy a product… all the while frustrating the other 10,000 people that have to put up with it. Highly targeted advertising catering to my wants and needs is great, but so rare.

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Tags: Marketing, Sales

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