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The World Has Changed… Have You? …and What's A Change Agent?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Oct 08, 2015


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As a small business we are always changing and evolving.


As a business tied to online marketing including social media we need to change fast, as does, anyone else using these tools. 


As a business that caters to sales and business growth we are in hyper-demand of regular change because we need to keep up with the buyer and how quickly this fast-paced world of digital connectivity is enhancing the buyer and their buying ability. Buyers today are just so damn smart and educated on your and my product and services that salespeople can no longer rest on their laurels and do what they always have done in the past.


I kind of feel like this world is a cat and mouse game, where the buyer and seller keep bumping each others skills up. The buyer learns to research solutions, the seller needs to up their game and meet the buyer where they are. The seller then finds quick ways to rank sellers using ranking and review sites or just googling "XYZ Company Reviews" or something similar. In this world it is easy to see all of our dirty laundry and as a seller, if you are not honest the buyer will know before the words leave your mouth.


So in this fast-paced world we now live in…
is your sales team on fire and excited about change?


Are they learning ways to better serve the prospect which in turn brings in more business? Or are they fighting change and just trying to make more calls or setup more meetings to do the old presentation they've been using for the last 20 years? Or worse are they in their 50-60s and just trying to ride it out until they can retire and quite this crazy new world of sales?


These are questions you must ask as a CEO. They are questions you must ask as a Sales VP or Sales Manager. They are questions you must ask and answer as a salesperson today!


I was talking to an adviser the other day. He brought up an interesting point. We were talking about how I service my customers and some of the struggles I run into when trying to help them.


The biggest challenge is CHANGE!


He said you truly are a "change agent" because you go in and help build new methodologies (both sales and marketing) and you train the company's team, on how to use and implement these methodologies. At the end of the day you need to help them see value in CHANGE and then offer the tools, support and training to help them change their annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly habits sometimes. WOW! I thought, this is very true. Change is hard for anyone and think about going in and disrupting a whole side of the business (the business development division). What company wants to totally redo things and who am I do tell you what to do? Thanks for pointing this out Dr. Phillip Shero!


First off I understand change is hard.


I also understand that we need to gradually introduce change, and do it in a way that supports the sales organization, the company as a whole, and most importantly… we can not be DISRUPTIVE to the business. We really need to dovetail our systems, training, methodologies, and implementation in a way that starts to sync with the current business model. We need to make sure we are adding value as quick as possible so everyone gets excited about the wins we are starting to have. This builds momentum and will start breaking down walls, which will allow for change to happen.


Now would I ever call myself a "change agent"? I do not think so, but on some level I guess I am. Because I am an outsider and bringing solutions like this, do I think I am smarter than you? Not really. I do however know sales and marketing and I am in the trenches everyday so I am able to see the changes a littler earlier then some that are only in a sales or management role instead of a sales training and development role. I am an expert at aligning sales and marketing and live it. I'm in the trenches everyday prospecting and making new connections. I see how people react to sales people and sales tactics. Obviously I market my own organization as well. I've made mistakes and lots of them in both sales and marketing. I'm hoping though… that my clients can get accelerated growth and learn from my mistakes without having to live or experience them.


So think about this…


  • what does it take to change?

  • How long does change take?

  • How much effort is involved to create REAL change?

  • Does your business development team need change?

  • Do your salespeople need to change?

  • Does your business model need change to keep up in this world? To check your business model, feel free to use our Organizational Health Checkup tool. It is free, but we do will request minor contact info so we can email you tips and the results of survey.


Did you know that some quick wins we have with clients is implementing an effective Sales Process? Do you have a formal sales process? Is it documented? Is your whole team using this sales process? If you have ever wondered how effective your Sales Process is, you're in luck! Try our free Sales Process Grader for instant results. Give it a try!



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