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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Looking for business growth? Your website's FINE!… just start SELLING!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Sep 29, 2015

So I had a phone conversation today with a business owner looking to update his website and maybe a website redesign. He knew he needed help making the improvements he wanted and so we started a conversation.

Here's the deal… overall the company website was good. Did it have several areas that could be improved? YES!, but then as we continued the conversation I realized, look man, the BIGGER ISSUE is SALES! You are talking about needing business growth.

This owner wanted, NEEDED sales. He is living on a tight budget and some tough issues made things even tougher. So what should he do? NOT WEBSITE WORK!

Website work, design, SEO, blogging, lead generation is all great and needed, but at the end of the day he needs sales in order to fund growth and also to be able to afford the website work.



So are you looking to revamp, rebrand, reengineer your website? Why? Is it for sales growth? A website is a great support to a GREAT SALES TEAM, but if your sales team/people SUCK, then web edits are just costing you money and flushing it all down the drain.

So let me ask you a few questions…

What does your pipeline look like? How many sales calls are you having a day or a week? If you don't know, you have a pipeline issue. So how do you fill your pipeline? PROSPECTING!

What do you do to prospect for new business? If you don't know you have a prospecting issue. If you do know then your prospecting skills need work or you would be closing more business than you can shake a stick at.

Do you have a documented, clearly defined, and milestone-centric sales process? If you're saying… "what the heck did he just say", then no you do not have a strong sales process. A sales process is the steps of a sales at each stage. If you do not have this process documented and clearly defined how can you follow the sames steps every time. You are probably reinventing the wheel on each call. You also need to understand milestones so you understand where you are in the sales process and why.

How Long is your sales cycle? If you are any good at sales your sales cycle for direct sales calls/meetings should be shorter than fixing your website, building traffic, getting the right traffic, generating leads and then qualifying the leads, before you can even get a sales conversation.

So here is the point, you want a new website? Great let's talk! Don't be surprised if I ask "why?" or "what does your sales pipeline look like?". At the end of the day if your site is okay, but not great and you are hoping a website change will bring in business quickly, you are wrong! It can help, but it will not be quick! Great salespeople can stir up new business much quicker.

So should we talk about sales and selling?
Get on my callendar today!


If you're just not ready to talk, what about a good read on the topic. Try one of my partner, Dave Kurlan's eBook titeled 63 Powerful Sales Tips for a Huge Increase in Sales. Enjoy and happy selling!


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