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How do you get Growth, Scalability, & Sustainability in your business?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Aug 05, 2016

I think anytime you get started marketing your company or looking into business development of any kind, you need to stop and think about one thing… sustainability.

Will a website deliver growth yes, but is it sustainable growth. Yes and No. It really depends upon what you are doing. If you build a website and publish blog content weekly than it certainly will scale and grow over time. To some degree it will even deliverable amount of leads so it could be sustainable if you can keep with it. So just like other things (direct mail, trade shows, prospecting, sales webinars, speaking) it is only sustainable if you can keep at it.

It is very hard to keep at it if you do not have a system in place. Obviously, this is why we are so fond of Hubspot's Analytics and the inbound marketing methodology we use. This creates an ongoing amount of traffic and ongoing amount of leads - sustainability right? Not if you stop. So again, it comes down to human behavior.

Sales is the same thing small businesses often never think of taking sales training to improve their growth strategies. They often lean towards marketing. Marketing is great, but it is never enough. To get a real bang for the buck implementing a sales system like Baseline Selling is very important. You see 85% of businesses do not use a formal sales process. This means they often are making things up as they go along and or they deal with 20% of their sales people bringing in 80% of the business while the other salespeople dies trying to figure things out. Part of the reason is the company culture does not require you use a sales system. They really just throw you to the wolves. Is this scalable? Not even close!!

A sales system like Baseline Selling is structured, organized, repeatable, memorable, and measurable. So can you see how using a system delivers common language within a company and helps to build a stronger unified culture?

What if you are a business owner with no salespeople? Will it work for you? Of course it will. It makes you more efficient and guides you through each stages and allows you to stop and go back if you missed something or the prospect tried jumping ahead to PRICE. Without a controllable system you will never be able to scale let alone sustain quality growth.

Did you know that when a decent salesperson or sales team implements a formal sales system like Baseline Selling, they often see a 25% bump in revenue, just by doing what they are already doing, but doing it in an efficient way?

A sales system, makes you a better salesperson by default. Then if you overcome your weaknesses and bad beliefs holding you back you will see big growth. If you stick with the system and continue to work on being better at sales then things will start to scale. Especially when you master the system yourself and then start to train others on the system. This makes new hire ramp up time much shorter and guarantees better results. There is your scalability!

As long as you follow the plan and your sales team follows the plan, this will lead to the sustainability all business owners and CEOs want.

If you are looking for help or just want to ask a few questions about sales systems, give me a call 817-244-0990. Or if you would rather learn about a 12 week sales training course to help you get explosive growth, check out this page.