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Growth Challenge: All I Want For Christmas…

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

So we are in the midst of planning 2015, and in the thick of the Christmas/Holiday Season I thought I would throw out a challenge…


All I want for Christmas is…

20 new clients
demanding $1MM+
in revenue growth.


I want to help you go from 

Over the last 16 years I have been putting a lot of things in place to help companies meet their growth goals. As of today we have even more great tools and systems in place to help you make 2015 something you will never forget.

If you are a CEO or business owner and you feel like you've been hitting the ceiling and you are not sure how to break through, then schedule a 30 minute conversation. If you feel like your company is out of control or that your company controls you instead of you controlling it, let's talk. Especially if you are looking for $1MM+ in additional revenue growth for 2015.

My goal is to help 20 great companies reach their goals and hit $20MM in growth created by partnering with BRANDWISE. We want to be the catalyst to help you raise $1MM+ in new business. So I am throwing out this challenge to you. Who do you know that is looking for this type of growth? Is it YOU and your organization or SOMEONE ELSE? Either way schedule a meeting with me to talk about it. Let's get started filling these 20 slots. Sign up today! Once the spots are filled they are gone for 2015, since we can only service 20 new clients at this level.


This is going to be an amazing year and
Here's is what else I want:

  • I want you to reach your dreams!
  • I want people to say "What the hell are they doing over at XYZ Company (fill in your company name  here), god THEY ARE ON FIRE! We need to figure out what they are doing because they are killing us this year."

Let's get crazy!
Let's get nuts!
Let's get STARTED!

Let's create an amazing Case Study where your company is the hero! Let's make you the new leader in your industry that has hit a pace of continual high-level growth month after month. Let's make your competitors jealous! Then let's make sure it is sustainable so you can keep this thing going! What do you say? Are you in?


How do you know
if you're the right fit?
These are the things
that qualify you:

  1. Reading this article is getting you fired up and excited!
  2. You are serious about growth!
  3. You are frustrated, pissed off, and sick of missing your growth goals!
  4. You are willing to do whatever it takes (and open to change) - moral and legal things only, of course!
  5. You want $1MM+ in additional revenue growth.
  6. You want to be a member of the $20MM club.
  7. You are struggling in certain areas of running or managing your business (vision, people, use of data, business issues, no processes/systems to run things, whole team not laser focused, not getting big traction, employee churn, weak pipeline, no brand awareness, etc).
  8. You do not have a documented sales process that every salesperson follows.
  9. You do not have a marketing process that is followed by all who help with marketing (internal and external).
  10. Your marketing is not aligned with sales as a support system to feed sales leads and fill the pipeline.
  11. You may be looking at how you can set up an exit strategy over the next 3 to 5+ years so you can start phasing yourself out or cash out and sell the business.


So do you want to be one of the
20 Main Clients we service in 2015?
Then get on my calendar today to book a meeting.


Space is limited to a small few
who are the RIGHT FIT and are
excited and fired up about
knocking 2015 on its ass.


Want a free sample of what we bring to the table?
Do an Organizational Checkup to see where we can help you.


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