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Does second guessing sales training hinder your success?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sat, Jan 07, 2012

Business is down. Could sales training help? Nah, it's probably too expensive. Or is it?

I have been talking to a lot of people over the last few weeks, who have gone through same level of sales training. I find it interesting everyone's different perspectives on their training. I had one person tell me their training wasn't good for service firms meaning that the techniques they were learning were better for the retail type businesses. I too have gone through similar training and although my training was more in depth and a larger program, it was based on the same theory. That being said, my firm is a service business and we have succeeded with this program.

Talking to another business owner who has been through this program I was told that not all companies can buy the type of service that this course trains you to sell. Although this is a true statement, I think there is a disconnect in this persons reasons why this is a bad thing. They are right… not ALL companies are a good fit for the type package you will be trained to sell in this sales program. Some will be too small to buy the type package you will start selling. That is ok. You just can't try to make everyone fit your new direction. You need to let those companies go and tell them your business is changing and you can no longer do business the way you once did business. You tell them about the new way and invite them to join you in your new journey or pass them on to a trusted competitor who will take care of them at the level they can afford. Keep in mind I too had to go through the same issue but I changed and now only take businesses that CAN buy this level of service.

You see this is really a mind set issue. You are not looking for ALL companies to fit your new plan. You are only looking for companies that HAVE A NEED FOR THIS LEVEL OF SERVICE. This is a hard change for some, but second guessing the system will hinder your success. I too have gone through this. Sometimes we like our old clients and it is hard letting them go. This is called a need for approval and can be a real problem when it comes to sales success.

In order to reach true success or better profitability you must find a business model that works. Many companies do project work, you know one off jobs for their clients. This might be a good place to start, but it is a tough model to scale and become profitable with. Besides this if you are scared or unwilling to fully commit to a more long term relationship with your clients you are actually doing them a disservice. If you truly believe you work is highly valuable and very beneficial to your customers, why would you want to limit them to just one project. Every industry is different, but I can tell you in the branding world you are unable to build a brand with a single brochure or a single website. In order to reach sales goals our clients must do ongoing marketing. Doing a logo, brochure or website only will never create success for a business.

What is the other most common problem I hear people use to second guess sales training. How much is this going to cost? or I can't afford this right now, maybe in 6 months. These are all excuses that are keeping people from reaching success. Fear to get started will never bring success. Are these people correct? Is a sales training program expensive? Well it depends upon what you think expensive is. If a few thousand dollars is expensive, but your business is dying, you may have an unsupportive buy cycle. Yes business is slow or dying, but what are you doing to change that? Are you a captain that is going down with his ship or are you going to jump in the life boat and be saved by the sales Coast Guard?

The question is can you afford not to do this? As a matter of fact I talked to someone the other day about signing up for next weeks Smarketing (sales and marketing business development), and they flat out told me "business is really slow right now and although things are picking up I have new expenses and can't afford your training" he then said "I know your going to tell me that's exactly why I should be taking your course". The funny thing is we all know that we should be doing these sorts of things. For whatever reason only a few of us do. The others second guess themselves, the class and everything else the world hands them.

If you have ever thought any of these things maybe now is the time to break out of your second guessing and take a risk. Again what is the worst thing that could happen? You loose a few grand, right? You will not die. You will have another learning experience to grow from. Business is all about risk. when you stop taking risks you stop growing. If you are happy where you, that's great! If you not make a change today! You'll thanks me for it tomorrow!

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