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What is it costing you to reinvent the wheel?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Jan 04, 2012

Small business owners are funny. I know because I am one. Sometimes we are successful in spite of ourselves. Other times we pay dearly because of our shortcomings. If you are a CEO of a small business or just a small business owner, you have probably dreamed big dreams. We all have.

The sad thing is if you are anything like me you may have wasted a lot of time reinventing the wheel. I spent years trying to figure out how to do the work of a CFO- finances are not an area I want to spend my time, well except cashing a check from all our hard work. I've also spent years and years learning how to run a business and trying to figure out how to become more profitable. I then spent a year learning how to sell. You see before I hired Rick Roberge to help me with sales I was reinventing the wheel on every sales call or meeting.

Why is it that business owners do not look for professional help? Could it be that we just do not know where or how to find it? That could be. But what happens when someone shares the solution and we still don't work with or hire the professionals? Is it stupidity, fear or something else? Everyone is different, but it is important to know hiring a professional to help might cost you, heck they might even cost you a lot! But if you find the right professional, someone that has the heart of a teacher, then they will train you and help you to reach your dreams. If they are someone who has been where you are and really wants to help you overcome your shortcomings, then what is it that would hold you back?

I ponder these questions. Recently I have been talking with a lot of small businesses. Many of them desperately need help and could very easily be on the verge of going broke. Trust me I have had some rough years and know this too well. I will tell you however one of the best investments I have ever made has been in hiring a professional sales coach. Having someone who works with you on a weekly basis to first off understand your problems, then recommend ways to overcome them is priceless.

I read the book Baseline Selling about a year and a half ago. From my 12 years of business experience I knew I could read the book, take some of the principles and apply them to my business and then make improvements. I also knew it would take 5+ years to become a master on some level of the process. I mean really, how many books do we all read a year? I read some 10 to 15 business books a year and have had years where I didn't improve as a matter of fact a run of years, so theory isn't the solution. Knowledge isn't the solution.

So what is the solution? Hands on training by an expert is what it takes to speed up the learning curve. So I hired a mentor and coach. Rick got me selling and using a sales process within 3 to 6 months and really selling well in the next 6-12. The point is Rick nearly cut my time of learning to 1/5 the time it would have taken me to learn things myself. As a matter of fact, I doubt I would ever be where I am today because the book doesn't share hand picked experiences to help me learn from my own experiences.

In one years time I tripled my previous years revenue. Was this worth the big investment to Kurlan and Rick? What if the investment earned 5, 6 or even 10 times the original investment? Would you do it? You are probably saying "Of Course We Would!", but what if it took you 3 to 6 months to kick in? Would you still do it? Most people don't. I find it is mostly fear that is holding people back. I know when I heard the price of the sales assessment I was like are you crazy? What if this assessment tells me I suck now and will always suck at sales?

So if I ask you for $4k, $40K or $400K is there a big risk? Yes, but only if you don't trust me or yourself. What does it take to get a 5, 6 or 10 times return on your investment? A lot of hard work! If you only listen to the theory and don't apply the training then IT IS VERY risky. I have been on many coaching sessions with people as they listen, but do not apply the lessons and guess what in a year they are in the same place they were before they got training.

If you are not a go getter, willing to take a risk or committed to your own success then please stop reading. If however you are tired of the way things are and are looking for big changes then your in luck! Brandwise has partnered with a few marketing firms and a sales coach to develop a 12 week training program focused on how to get sales and marketing aligned and working together to make you some serious money. If you are game request some info today by clicking hear for details.

This is a business development series that's going to make a few of you risk takers very rich! Quite reinventing the wheel and get started today!

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