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Smarketing: What's in store for 2012 sales and marketing alignment?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Jan 06, 2012

If you have been hearing the rumblings of this thing called Smarketing now is the time to look in to the new class we are offering. I have a feeling 2012 is the year Smarketing is going to blow the doors off. I have seen many mainstream magazines already promoting this concept although maybe under other names. I have seen these articles in CRM, Sales and everyday Business magazines. You may have read our article titled Is your business development team playing football or soccer? talking about the difference between Football and Soccer and how this ties in with sales and marketing.

So my point is, yes the idea behind Smarketing is really starting to take off. And you maybe thinking So What, Why do I Care? Well, here's your answer… because it is a game changer. Not only will aligning your sales and marketing create a better stronger business for you. It will also set you up to lead the pack. It is hard to understand how this will change you and your business, but I will tell you it is amazing.

Some 3+ years ago business was a little slow. When looking for a marketing solution to help stir up some new business, I found inbound marketing. I dove in head first and although it was a big risk, it has paid off in a big way. Now I am leading the pack (with other great marketers and early adopters) of this whole inbound marketing movement. We as a group are getting exposure and building a strong following of other marketers and CEOs looking for the trail to success. Now that this ball is rolling it can't be stopped. So too is this Smarketing thing.

Yes being cutting edge is a tough road, but the leaders get the marketshare. If you are looking to break out of old ways or looking to become part of a cutting edge group of thought leaders, then now is the time. You will want to sign up for our new 12 week Smarketing series. This will be hands on training and 12 weeks of coaching to help you get it right. Why not start 2012 on the right foot? Would would it look like if you doubled your business? Or if you reached you annual sales goals in the first, second or third quarter, would this be a game changer?

Heck, what if you only doubled your investment in the class would it be worth that? We invested a lot of time and money building this knowledge base that we will share with you. By first quarter you will have implemented the training by second quarter you may be close to meeting you BHAG (big hairy audacious goals). What do you say? Want to take a fun ride?