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#1 Tip for sales - Have Fun! - #2 Tip look for stepping stones!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Dec 19, 2011

This video although the lighting sucks in this video, this is proving the #1 Tip in Sales is Have Fun! If you are having fun then your prospects are having a good time. If they have a good time like these people they re going to buy. Hell, I want to send this guy a check. The homeowner is laughing so hard he can't even concentrate on what the guy is selling. As a matter of fact he is trying to find solutions to sell this guy because he is so good!

The wife on the other hand is trying to stump this sales guy. A master salesman is able to stay cool and keep selling and not loose their cool when hecklers try to stump you. Study this guy and you will master sales in no time.

The next tip, Sales Tip #2 is find stepping stones to practice your art. This guy is a comedian that used door-to-door sales as a way to reach his real goal become a master comedian. Sounds like he followed Tony Robbins & Zig Zigler's tips for sales to overcome sales issues. Kenny Brooks you are awesome at building rapport. Give me a call if you ever want a sales position.

Learn from Kenny and you'll start having a ton of fun and close a heck of a lot more deals. Good Luck and Happy Selling!