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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Have you ever thought "I suck at sales!"?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Dec 15, 2011

For years I not only thought this, but said it on a regular basis. I knew this was one of the weakest ares of my business. I looked for a solution for years. I read many books, joined business development classes & groups with little luck. If you have ever thought or said to yourself "I suck at sales" then maybe you have seen similar issues.

So how do you find a solution? Well it starts by finding a trusted advisor. Someone who has been in your shoes and who has overcome some of the same issues you have right now. I found a sales coach and worked with them on a weekly basis for the next year or so. It takes time to work out all the issues you may have and didn't even know these habits were tied to sales. You know things like how quickly you are able to make a decision, how easily you are able to talk with other about money, how much research you need to do before you purchase a high dollar item, your definition of what a "high dollar" item is, etc, etc.

Honestly the first step is defining all these issue you might be having and then working on changing these thoughts, habits and beliefs. Getting a sales evaluation done does two things. It proves to yourself that you are committed to learning how to become a strong sales person. The second thing it does is it shines the light on all these areas where you are holding yourself back from being a great sales person. I was very surprised at all the areas I had to work on.

Slowly but surely I am checking each problem of the list. Working on this stuff every week is important though because it takes time to break life-long bad habits. You need to not only break these bad habits, but also create new habits to replace them. It does take time and commitment. I will tell you though that now my sales skill are 100-fold compared to last year at this time. As a mater of fact we have tripled our business this year because of our new found skills. You to can have this kind of results, I have seen many other businesses working these systems double and triple business in the first year.

If you would like a sample of some sales tips that might help we are running a webinar today and offering 3 tips to stir up some business right now. Although this is not a solution to most sales people's problems, it will be tips you can apply today. If you are looking for a longterm fix, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction. Check out yesterdays video below for details on the webinar.

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