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6 tips to promote your webinars and market like crazy!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Dec 14, 2011

So over the last few weeks Brandwise and a group of our Smarketing partners have put together a few webinars. So anyone who has done webinars themselves know marketing and promoting the webinar can be the biggest challenge. So I thought we would share a few tips that might help you out.

  1. Blog like crazy - Brandwise typically blogs 1-2 articles a week normally, but in webinar mode we try to write an article each day.

  2. Create and Use Call To Action Buttons - You need to leverage your following and entice them to register so have a CTA at the end of each blog article, but do not forget to put the CTA on the most popular pages on your site as well (home page, blog sidebar, and if you're on Hubspot check the top 10 pages under the Visit by Pages tool to add CTA's on each of them).

  3. Tweet like crazy - make sure all your blog articles get tweeted. This is something that should be easy to do multiple times. Tweet updates as well like "2 Days left for the XYZ Webinar - Register Today!". Don't forget to ask your friends to retweet it to your followers.

  4. Share on Linkedin - your blog is already set up to post articles to your linkedin profile right? If not, get this set up under the apps on linkedin. Check out all your groups that might be interested in your webinar topic and post a discussion to the group with a title, quick description and most important a link to the registration page.

  5. Answer questions on Linkedin - You are familiar with the Q&A section of Linkedin right? If not check out this great marketing opportunity. Go to the Q&A section of linkedin and do a search for similar topics you will be covering in your webinar and if you find people asking questions about this topic join their conversation by sharing an answer to their question (make sure you do not give away any info from the webinar) and then say "by the way we are having a webinar on this topic in 3 days if you would like to learn more go to".

  6. Email Promotion - lastly send out an email blast to all your inhouse contacts. When done correctly this can really bring in a great number of your connections since these people already know, like and trust you.

I hope this helps you have a wonderful and full webinar. Good luck! If you have other webinar promotion tips, please share them in the comments below.

If you would like to check out our latest webinar, click the link below.