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Don't let the holiday season slow down your sales- Act Now!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Sun, Dec 11, 2011

Every year the holidays are being pushed earlier and earlier. Does that mean you are going to quit trying to land new business just because the marketing machine which is built for retail starts promoting Christmas in July?

Being a marketer myself this is something that drives me crazy. I can not allow the retail marketing blitz to affect my business. I still need to get things done and will be working another two weeks or so. There are other businesses out there just like Brandwise that are going to continue to work through the holiday blitz. Are you one of them? Would you still like to try and close a sale or two before 2012?

Well, if you said yes you're in luck. We have created a webinar that is going to be offering 3 tips to help you stir up the buzz for your sales team and help them close a few more deals if you start working these tips today. You will have roughly to weeks to work these tips. If you attend this webinar and apply these tips and close a deal maybe we will do a blog article or two on you and give you some extra exposure to kick off 2012!

So are you up for the challenge? Challenge yourself, challenge your sales team, challenge your prospect, just start and you may surprise yourself!