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Is Sales becoming Marketing & Marketing becoming Sales?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Dec 05, 2011

No, but they have the opportunity to now communicate and work together in a more aligned or integrated fashion. This new direction is called Smarketing! We have been applying these tactics to our own company and have recently partnered up with similar firms doing just this.

You see in the past I was under the impression that I did not have to be good at sales. We have such a great service and do such great work that of course people will just sign up and hand us a checkā€¦ or so I thought. Since times are changing and the internet offers an unlimited resource of all my competitors, I needed to figure something out better than what we did 3, 5, 10 years ago.

Today sales helps define the buyer persona and who our best customers are. Then the sales and marketing teams get together to develop the message to be used in marketing and the scripts to be used by sales. Imagine, they are all heading in the same direction and fighting the same fight. Wow! It is amazing when you truly start applying this to your business development strategy.

Your teams are happier, the clients are better and more profitable, the customer is getting the best service/product you offer since they are highly targeted and the best fit possible for your business. This is something we have been applying to Brandwise now for a little over a year and in this short time we have tripled our business and landing a much better client.

Since we have found this to be very successful, we partnered with 6 other US firms and 1 UK firm. This partnership will be offering free webinars based on topics related to sales and marketing alignment. TODAY YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THE SECOND WEBINAR. SIGN UP NOW!