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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

A sale is made on every call you make.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Nov 14, 2011

A sales is made on every call. Are you closing the sale or is the prospect ending the conversation to close the deal on their end?

Either you sell the prospect your product/service or they sell you a reason they can't buy. Either way a sale is made, the only question… Who's gonna close the deal? Wow! That is an interesting way to look at things.

How many people, just like yourself, are awesome at sales and closing the deal when you get an incoming cold call? I would bet you have a 95% close rate. Sure we all do. It is easy to close down a person cold calling you.

So the question is… What does it take to master an outbound sales call to the level you are mastering your incoming cold calls? How much would this change your business? Why are you an expert closer with the cold calls coming in to you? Years and years of practice, tips shared with friends and you understand your time is valuable, so you cut to the chase and end the call.

Now what can you do to engage and start a conversation with the prospects you are calling- instead of getting hung up on? Why not do what you did to become a master of closing the deal on cold callers- study the techniques of masters. Why not surround yourself with master sales people and share techniques. What if you studied and read every sales book you could get your hands on? Would things change? You bet they would!

Here's the deal, in this day and age people do not want to make sales calls. There is such a fear of doing this. With excellent marketing tools and lead generation systems, people think calling is dead. This is not the case, if you are looking for true growth and you want it quickly, learn to call. Mastering sales calls and prospecting when done daily/weekly, becomes a habit. If you stick with it, it starts working and then becomes fun. The more you do, the better you get. Then the more confident you become, the better the conversations you start having. The better the conversations, the more deals you close over the phone.

Understanding that if your prospect gets frustrated and ends the call quickly, you didn't engage the prospect or bring any value to the table. This prospect is better at sales than you are. What if they are not even in the sales profession? Do you like the thought of a non-sales professional out selling you, the sales person for you company?

Want to surround yourself with other sales professionals? Want to get a sales evaluation and sales training to add to your marketing mix?

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