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What the heck is SMARKETING?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Nov 08, 2011

If I asked you the number one problem businesses have, what would you say it was? Sales? Marketing? Something else? Well many times people will guess low sales or ineffective marketing, but could it be something else? Before starting Brandwise some 13 years ago I worked for a large corporation. One thing I noticed was the sales team and the marketing team did not communicate and work together for the betterment of the company.

Then fast-forward to today. My number one goal is getting the best results possible for my clients with marketing and brand development. What I realized though is that it really doesn't matter how well the marketing does if the weak link is the sales team. So what have I learned?

Sales and Marketing need to be on the same page. If you need help with marketing and hire Brandwise, we want to get to know your sales team. As a matter of fact we want to evaluate them and make sure they have the skills to deliver results when we pass them leads. That is what SMARKETING is all about.

SMARKETING is sales and marketing fighting for the same end goal… getting clients, growing business and building a strong brand through the whole process. If your sales team suck or you suck at sales, it doesn't matter how great your marketing is. If you sales team rocks, but your marketing team sucks… well then your brand will be weak. I know people with strong sales people and a weak and basically unknown brand.

So how do you tie these things together? You need to find a marketing team that understands sales and a sales team that understands marketing. This is a fairly new philosophy or practice delivered to companies. Yes, the debate about sales and marketing has been around for years, but one company working to bring you training and strategy in both… this is rare.

So if you are great at sales, but need some help to generate leads for your sales team Smarketing might be something you should look into. If your sales team is great at traditional sales, but struggling to work their new inbound marketing leads you need to learn about this. If you marketing team is great, but your sales team can't close a deal to save their life or the sales cycle is much longer than it need to be, you might want to look into Smarketing. Honestly, many companies have weaknesses in one of these areas, now's the times to get both sales and marketing on the same page and set up strategies to manage this. Set up a 30 minute conversation today if you would like to learn how this could apply to your business. Or check out one of our future webinars.


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