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You can't manage what you don't measure - importance of Analytics.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Nov 04, 2011

It is funny how important measurements can be. CEOs want to measure the success of the business, CFOs want to measure the top and bottom line. The sales team measures how many calls or meetings they have and how many leads the marketing team gets them. The marketing team measure a lot of things ROI, Reach, Followers, Visits, etc. but they also need to measure how many deals the sales team closes from the leads they are generating. You can't manage what you don't measure needs to become the thought process of everyone in business.

This sounds like a lot of measurements throughout the company right? Well, it is. But to effectively manage a company you have to understand what's going on. This is one of the things we love about hubspot analytics. Although there are many analytics packages out there, none offer the business solutions I find in Hubspot's analytics package.

What makes analytics so important and how can you use them to make business decisions? Well it goes back to, you can't manage what you don't measure. Let's review a few measurement tools here:

Let's review Blog Analytics first.

blog analytics can help you figure out what you need to do to improve your blog.

One of the biggest issue all marketers have is reaching the right audience and getting found. The blog is the main online tool to help you get found. You can see this blog has 81 blog subscribers. This means every article that goes out also is delivered to 81 email boxes or RSS Readers. The more subscribers you have, typically the more interaction and engagement you will have on your blog. So if there are 81 now, what would happen if you double this to 160? Chances are you would get more people reading your articles and more opportunities to make offers to people which could build leads for your sales team.

Let's review Reach Analytics.

Understanding your marketing reach can make or break a marketing campaign.

So what is your Reach? Basically this is a tool that lets you watch the trends of you YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog Subscribers and Leads your website is delivering over time. You can see in the 6 months time covered in this report the biggest improvement was in Twitter followers. Why is this important? Well, the bigger Reach you have (this one is roughly 2700) the more people that will get your message the better you should be able to convert. So on one level this is a numbers game. Think about this, I personally have some 1500 followers on my twitter account. I hang out with a group of like minded tweeple (twitter people). They have several hundred to several thousand followers as well. If these people retweet my messages/article it goes out to my 1500 contacts and roughly 7000 other people that follow these people. How quickly will this build your following and reputation? 6 times faster than doing it alone, right? Yes, if this is where it ends, but what if a handful of their followers retweet this message as well? You can see how you could quickly grow your reach through friends.

Now what about Organic Traffic from SEO?

organic traffic analytics

Building your organic traffic, or people finding you through search engines should be an important part of your online measurements. Your website should be a big part of your marketing efforts. Since it is very cost effective to do an SEO focused campaign you can get big results. Even outsourcing this work to experts can be reasonable since as with this report you can see it will build over time. How does this add to the bottomline though? Well, we try to use and SEO stratey for two main purposes. 1. getting the client found online and with this, lead generation should build. 2. building thought leaders. You see the more people reading your content on the site, the more people think you are smart and really an expert in your industry. This could lead to speaking engagements and other business type opportunities to make money and get exposure.

Some other great anayltics tools in Hubspot's tools set are:

  • Competitors - understanding of competitor strategies can help you learn how to set yourself apart and also monitor trends over time.
  • Visits by Page - want to make a good offer for lead generation? This is the tool to understand most popular pages on your site. This tool can be used to make very targeted offers on the most popular pages.
  • Optimization Tools - when it comes to search engine optimization it is important to understand keywords, how to optimize each page (on-page seo) and link building. There is a tool for each one of these areas.

Again, You can't manage what you don't measure. The key to all this measurement though is finding ways to apply it to get business results that the CEO, CFO, Sales & Marketing can all get behind.

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