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How to apply SMARKETING now, to explode 4Q sales goals!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Oct 20, 2011

We have 10 slots left for a free SMARKETING consultation. We will fill these last slots pretty quickly so sign up today! This consultation will deliver a SMARKETING evaluation. That's right you will get 30 minutes with a marketing expert and a sales expert. In this call you will learn what it would be like to knock it out of the ballpark by applying a strong Sales Strategy and an effective Marketing Campaign that include measurement tools.

So if sales are down or you are just looking to end 2011 on a high note you are in luck! For those of you not sure what SMARKETING is, it is a program that combines sales and marketing into one package. This keeps both of these areas working towards the same goal instead of working against each other. What kind of sales goals are you trying to hit by the end of the year- an additional $250K or a 10% increase in growth compared to the previous 3 quarters? What ever it is, you need a set those goals and create a gameplan to get there.

This is where SMARKETING comes in. We can help you get a pistons firing in order to create one amazing business development machine. All you need to do is call or sign up in order to get started. Again, there are only 10 spots left and once they are gone they are gone.