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How to go from Zero to 60 leads in 6 days!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Oct 13, 2011

When working with clients we are always trying to help them grow their business. Of course this is something that takes time to build, but when quick results are needed sometimes an email is all it takes.

Brandwise has been working with The Garden Continuum for sometime and laid a strong foundation for them when it comes to inbound marketing and print advertising. Over the last few months we have been working to help them generate leads for business development. In August we started a really great eBook/workbook project. This was a work of love and although it took 2 months, this eBook turned out to be a pretty amazing offer for The Garden Continuum.

Part of the drive of this ebook was to create an offer for a fall advertising campaign we did for the WellesleyWeston Magazine. This ad turned out great, but as with most ads it takes time to build brand recognition, awareness and success. It did however drive 5 people to the website, sadly to-date no one has downloaded the ebook.

The Garden Continuum tried some other ways to promote the ebook, like social media and their blog. These things worked a little, and will probably continue to work over time, but have not made a real bang for the buck.

So what is the next step? How about emailing your house list of prospects. This is exactly what we did. This is how we took The Garden Continuum from zero to 60 leads in 6 days. Check out the Brandwise designed emailer here.

Email campaigns are strong because the mailing list is usually people that know you, have done business with your or have some other relationship with you. If you make a great offer that is appealing to your house list, you will have great success just like The Garden Continuum. So if you want to have this kind of success make sure you have a decent list of prospects and that you make an offer they will get excited about. When done correctly as this campaign was, you not only get a good open rate, but you also get a bunch of prospects raising their hand saying, hey we are really interested in this topic, can we learn more?

This is a great opportunity to fill the sales funel with leads. Now that you have 60 leads, how many of these prospect will become clients? We will leave this for another article. It would be great to see the client go from zero to 6 new clients over the next few weeks. At this point you have a highly successful marketing/sales campaign in place.