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How much content is enough? IMS presentation by Steve Garfield

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Sep 22, 2011

So one of the things that happened at the 2011 Internet Marketing Summit last week was Steve Garfield discussed how much content was enough. This is a big struggle as you probably know if you have been doing inbound marketing.

If you do not know Steve Garfield, he is a big person via his video blog. The video we included in this article shows a preview where the speaker asked Chris Brogan his thoughts on how much content is enough. Basically Chris recommended 2 to 3 articles a week to keep people engaged. This is great and if you talked to us about this, we have always recommended 1-2 articles per week. Our clients have seen good results from this, but to start getting new customers Chris recommends 2-3 articles per day.

WOW! 2-3 articles per day, this is a crazy thought, but surely will deliver big results. As a mater of fact, we have one client who wrote some 4-5 articles a week and between this and some of the promotions we have done, this client has gotten 600% increase in organic traffic to their site. Now imagine how what 2-3 articles a day would do.

One of the main things this presentation talks about is how to use video to help in this great content creation task. Steve offers great ideas to make quick easy videos and in this presentation he is working on setting the world record on the video.