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2011 Inbound Marketing Summit thoughts on anticipated presentations.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Sep 14, 2011

Tomorrow begins the 2011 Inbound Marketing Summit.
I am looking forward to hearing Youngme Moon's, of Harvard Business School, discussion on Escaping The Competitive Marketing Herd.

After all isn't this what we are all trying to do? Chris Brogan's presentation on Google+ should be great. I have talked to Chris last year at IMS and he is a funny guy.

Of course Brian Halligan's presentation will be a good one. Brian is a really smart guy heading up Hubspot. This guy is really down to earth and interesting to talk to. Beyond this his presentations are usually amazing. Last year he gave a great presentation at the Hubspot Users Group. I walked away pumped up and sure he will do this again over the next couple days as he enlightens us on all the new things Hubspot is rolling out to make inbound marketing even easier.

Video Content Creation Made Easy by Steve Garfield looks pretty exciting. We have been dabbling with video for about a year now. We are very basic and creating a weak video version of the Brandwise brand on the Brandwise youtube channel. We are hoping, along with all our video viewers, to walk away with some new tips on producing better video content. Steve is really on top of this video stuff. Check out his book Get Seen and his website to really get a better understanding of video, mics, cameras and tips. This guy really knows his stuff!

I'm sure the other presentations will be very good as well, but these are a few of the top one's I'm excited about. We will keep you posted on how things play out tomorrow.