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4 common marketing mistakes in a marketing communication strategy

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Sep 06, 2011

Are you fed up with ineffective marketing? Does it seem like you are spending more time and money trying to reach potential customers- with less success? Do the marketing firms you hire seem more concerned with showing their brilliance- and less concerned with increasing your sales or building your brand?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you need a reliable partner to guide you through this challenging marketing jungle.

This is why you need Brandwise now more than ever. We are an experienced team of marketing profession al s who will analyze every aspect of your current marketing campaigns and design a program with one thing in mind- dramatically incr easing your sales volume!

Let's take a look at some common marketing mistakes:

  1. Not telling why your company is special. Successful marketers remember a concept called the Unique Sales Proposition. What is different (and better) about your product, service or brand? Why should a potential customer switch to you, or consider using you in the first place? The Unique Sales Proposition does not mean that you are totally different from the normal standards in your field. What it means is the small but unique things that you do differently- resulting in serving the needs of the customer better than your competition.

  2. Not considering the interests of the potential customer. Often, marketing consists of reciting a company's history, personnel, and other irrelevant (to the customer) facts. Effective marketing identifies the concerns and needs of the customer- then describes quickly and simply how you can solve their problems.

  3. No way to identify the success of the marketing campaign. Super-Bowl ads are entertaining. But there is really no way to know just how effective they are. This is not cost-effective for smaller businesses, so they must test their marketing efforts to see what works. This is done by split-testing (also known as A/B testing)- sending two different promotions to two different but similar lists-and see what brings in the most revenue - tracked to the exact penny. This seems obvious, but quite often company executives lack a definitive metric to measure marketing success.

  4. A confusing message. This covers graphic design as well as words. The message must get to the point and be easy to un derstand.

At Brandwise, we make sure these concerns will not sabotage your marketing efforts. Sales & Marketing is not a necessary evil. It is the life-blood of your company. Nothing is more important.