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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Integrated marketing strategy & sales process create increased profits

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Aug 03, 2011

What is the #1 problem most companies face? Not enough business (sales), right? Usually this is the case. So how does a business overcome the lack of sales? Well there are two areas they should look:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales

So what kind of marketing do we need in order to build an integrated marketing strategy? Well it is important that anything you do is focused on specific business goals in this case sales. If you want to generate $250K in the next 5 months what is it going to take? Then you define your best prospects to help you reach this goal and start marketing to them where they hang out. Typically we recommend starting with a solid inbound marketing web strategy. This lays the foundation. This will include multiple parts and this is where the integrated marketing strategy comes in. You need your website, blog, social media, and directory profiles speaking the same language and targeting the same audience. All of the inbound marketing needs to be focused on lead generation for the sales team.

If your integrated marketing strategy is focused on lead generation then your sales team will have a full funnel of leads to work. So problem areas to watch out for are holes in the lead generation system. You know something like your site is generating so many leads that it is hard for your sales team to keep up or worse the quality of the leads are total crap. This is something you will need to test and progressively improve over time.

But how do you know if the leads are crap or if your sales team sucks? Well this is where you need to ask yourself:

  • Does my sales team have a sales process?
  • Is this something we are able to replicate so that every sales person is able to close deals in a reasonable timeframe?
  • What is a reasonable lead to customer conversion rate?
  • Do we know our close rate?
  • Do our sales people know what to do to get a suspect to a prospect, from a prospect to a qualified opportunity, from a qualified opportunity to a closeable deal?
  • How many leads does the sales team need in order to hit our monthly sales goals?

If you can't answer these questions about your sales team, you may be in trouble. This is mostly due to not having a sales process in place. This is why an integrated marketing strategy and a sales process are so important. The inbound marketing will create the leads, but the sales process will make it easy for anyone in sales to be able to close the deal and generate new business. Since few companies use a sales process, think how easy it would be to take marketshare from your competitors if your company had a solid sales process and was able to easily generate leads through inbound marketing. Business would be booming right and your sales and marketing people would be on fire, right? Of course!

So how do you set up an integrated marketing strategy and sales process that will truly create increased profits? If this is urgent right now, you're in luck. For a limited time you can work with two experts one focused on helping you set up an effective inbound marketing campaign and the other focused on training your sales people to use a sales process that works. We all want increased profits right? But what exactly does this mean? Well if you are looking to add an additional $100K to $1 million to next years balance sheet it is time to talk. Several of the companies that take us up on this offer will generate $250K in increased profits by the end of 2011.

If this sounds interesting sign up today! Let's have a 30 minute conversation and see the increased profits you could make this year!


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