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Must watch Social Media Revolution video!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Jun 10, 2011

It is interesting when I see videos talking the amazing stats about social media. Luckily Brandwise got into the game before all this stuff was as mainstream as it is now. It is and will continue to explode and as it does our lives are changing all around us.

Remember the days when we used the yellow pages? These days are dying more and more everyday. Although the yellow pages maybe good for plumbers. It is not good for most businesses, especially if your customers are 30 years old or younger. How will the yellow pages survive?

Remember typewriters? These too are a thing of the past, but some items still continue to haunt us from the typewriter days. I get word documents all the time with two spaces after a period. In the computer age this is un-needed, but we still do it and how long has it been since an average person touched a typewriter? For me it has been 20+ years. Wow! What other bad habits will society continue to do as we move into a more digital age?

Remember Pay Phones? Boy my iPhone runs circles around the first computers I worked on and I can call anyone at anytime. Lost are the days of having to drive or walk a few blocks to find a pay phone when you are away from home.

Two years ago businesses were telling me all this social media stuff was a fad and kids stuff. I am wondering if these people are still saying this or worse out of business. How will they be able to stay in business if they do not change with the times? If they don't get onboard with the digital social world the will soon be heading the way of the typewriter, the yellowpages, pay phones, and newspapers.

If you haven't jumped on the social media bandwagon, maybe now is the time. If you think the numbers in the video are unrealistic, what if they were only half right or 25% right? This is still a huge opportunity. Obviously the bigger area you are able to service, the easier it will be to find, connect, engage, service and retain customers through social media. Honestly though even the local only businesses are seeing huge results from local or geo-targeted social media campaigns.

I hope you find the video entertaining and enlightening. Now figure out how to get more active on the social media tools. The great thing is even the experts have room for improvement since this stuff is constantly changing. The down side of this is the longer you wait to start the sooner you will be extinct! Go set up a new profile, make some new friends and share both your thoughts and the thoughts of other industry leaders.

You will soon become a resource and the go-to-guy (or girl) of your industry! Good luck!


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