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More Buzz about Buzz Marketing!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, May 24, 2011

So this whole buzz marketing thing is really crazy. It is just amazing how it all works. If you read our last article- Buzz Marketing: Brand building done by external sources! then you would understand how Buzz Marketing works. Basically it is word off mouth type marketing, but now it is also done online which can easily expand the reach you are able to hit.

In the previous article, I was talking about how two Brandwise articles were picked up and quoted in a blog post on Print CEO's website. Then how I found out about this was by a vendor (a printer I have used) sending me an email which mentioned the Print CEO's article and one of the Brandwise articles were again mentioned in the PIA Mid-America email newsletter.

I promoted this in the previous article to show a hands on example of how this Buzz Marketing stuff works when it is tied to an Inbound Marketing strategy. On top of this article, I also sent this out to my house list of clients and prospects via our own email newsletter.

This got the original two articles even more exposure, but something else happened. The newsletter was also picked up and promoted my the team (Chris Stone and Bo Aina) over at The inbound-marketing Daily.

If you are familiar with The inbound-marketing Daily, you should certainly check out this site. Either way, one of the things that was interesting was the email newsletter on Buzz Marketing was promoted on May 23rd and again on May 24th.

The point of this article is to show the power of this Buzz Marketing stuff. The initial two articles are getting a ton of new traffic due to these great people that are passing along good content. This is part of why this inbound marketing stuff is so effective. It is based on remarkable content that people are willing to share and pass on.

This Buzz revolving around your product or service starts to snowball and before you know it you are getting a ton of traffic to your site, a lot more people following you and several new people getting into the sales funnel since you are seen as the thought leader of your industry.

On top of all that this is very low cost marketing method. How can you not want to jump on board with that?

Promote or write something and tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook and we will potentially spread your word and stir up the Buzz!

Best of luck with your Buzz Marketing!