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Who would have thought of using Bin Laden in Advertising?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, May 02, 2011

I saw an interesting post online today and was quite surprised to find out that there were many ads created that actually used Osama Bin Laden as part of an advertising campaign. Click the link to see the ads. I thought I should share a few to get your thoughts on this.

My thoughts? Wow! This is really all I can say. Well on the day after his death and burial at sea, I figured I would posted some of these ads and see what you think. It seams like this would have been a really hard sell to any american companies, even the ones that might be fitting.These agencies must have some great sales reps.

Are there any ads you like? Do you think it is right to use such a world renowned icon (terrorist) in advertising? Do you think it works for some of these ads, but not others?

Please share your thoughts on this topic.