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What made Nike a billion dollar brand?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Was it their $35 logo?

Or was it something else?

Here is the thing, Nike's logo is good, but it certainly got better as thing moved forward and it got cleaned up. So if you had not known that Nike only spent $35 on their logo you are probably wondering what is the modern day equivalence of $35 so you can go buy a logo at this price. Lets say it is $75, heck, let's say it is $275. Honestly in this day and age $275 for a logo design is ridiculously cheap.

Are there a ton of places online to get one of these logos? Yep, I'd bet there are thousands of them. The problem here is not how they got a reasonably priced logo, you know the real reason Nike is a billion dollar brand?

It is partly their commitment to this logo. They have had this logo for some 30+ years.

On top of that, this kind of commitment is applied throughout Nike. The logo isn't what made them it was their ongoing use of the logo over and over again for nearly 40 year. This is the thing of champions. If you know anything about Brandwise, you know we have screwed up and changed our name twice. Once because of a potential legal issue with a competitor and the next time because we made a knee-jerk reaction to the legal issue we ran into.

This has set us back some so learn from my mistakes. Do not let this happen to you. Hiring an IP Attorney to help you do a search and to file a trademark for your name is worth every penny.

That being said, continual ongoing marketing, day-in and day-out, year-after-year, this is the true sign of champions. So if you are not marketing weekly by getting your name out there in front of someone, you are probably struggling to keep the doors open and constantly bringing in new accounts.

This commitment to regular investments back into the company is what really made Nike a billion dollar company. The funny thing though is that today inbound marketing has leveled the playing field. Even a small company can market every week for very little a month compared to the millions of dollars Nike has spent over the last 30 some years.

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