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Fear of the blog comment vs. daring readers to post anything!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Feb 23, 2011

You know it is kind of funny when you read a really good blog post and decide to add your thoughts on the topic to the article. After submitting you find out that this company/person is fearful of blog commenters and your comment gets sent to the monitor of the blog. So how does this make a commenter feel when they notice their comment went into the abyss and who knows if it will see the light of day?

I'll tell you.

They feel like they wasted their time and more importantly they probably write you off and decide not to come back to your blog since their time is very valuable.

Don't be afraid of blog comments, embrace them! In two years and some-hundred blog posts, the number of spam comments or nasty comments has been next to nil. That being said and I do not monitor things. We just let you post whatever you want in the comments section of our blog.

So I challenge you… show me what an ugly, evil comment might be and let me show you how I deal with this sort of thing. Have at it. Post anything you want on this article and we will deal with everything you post.

The reason for this article is we need to help people overcome their fear of comments. Blogging and social media are all about networking and being social.

What would happen at a cocktail party if you were engaging people and not allowing them to participate in the conversation? You'd probably end up being avoided, wearing a drink or worse getting your butt kicked by someone who just had enough of your rudeness.

It is the same thing online.

People will start avoiding you because you are speaking at them and not letting them in on the conversation.

Everyone join together, let's have a conversation. Can't we all just get along?

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