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Why businesses fail when they use Hubspot inbound marketing software.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Feb 17, 2011

In two years time I have seen several businesses that fail when they try using Hubspot inbound marketing software. This costly alternative to regular static websites and free blogging software can really help take your business down quickly if you stick with it too long.

I've seen some businesses go out of business partly due to using this software. This system can really drain the coffers if your not careful. When cash is king you have to be really careful who you partner up with or you too could be taken to the cleaners.

That is… if you purchase a tool like this and don't really use it properly. You know it's like if you buy a $70K pimped out Cadillac Escalade, have it delivered to your home and then use it for storage because your garage is overflowing and you need some place to put your Christmas decorations.

That's right you might have the best ride out there, but if you do not actually drive the vehicle, but only use it as a storage unit of course this is not going to help your situation. Would it not be more cost effective to get a POD to store all your junk in and use your vehicle to get you from point a to point b, and in style if you're dropping $70K (I hope).

The problem is this is the same case with businesses trying out Hubspot for their inbound marketing. Yes it is the pricey version of a web set up especially when GoDaddy is the PODs version of websites.

The problem is you need to commit to what you are buying. Get the junk out of the Escalade and start putting 5-10 hours a week into your hubspot account. Don't pass this task off to the overworked bottle washer. Give it to someone that has an understanding of business development, sales and marketing. Give the task to someone who's job is on the line if they do not perform the tasks needed. Typically that is the owner, head of marketing or head of sales, not someone on the bottom of the totem pole.

If your team is too small… by all means, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL to help you out. An expert may be costly, but they will certainly get you results.

Hubspot works and that's all there is too it! Now you need to work Hubspot in order to get results. If you are unwilling or unable to commit 20 to 40 hours a month to this stuff, run and don't ever look back. This stuff works for any type business if you put in the sweat.

Best of luck for those using the escalade as a storage unit and for those not willing to commit to doing the work while on the hubspot platform. Maybe you should just save your money!