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Ever feel like your company is the world's best kept secret?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Feb 16, 2011

When it comes to sales, a customer can not buy your product or service if they do not know you exist. As a matter of fact, a lot of times your customers do not know what they are shopping for. Sometimes they just know this one area of our business just doesn't seem up to par.

So what do they do?

They start searching online for solutions and stop once they think they found the solution that will fix their problem.

So how does all this tie in to you being the worlds best kept secret? Well over the years we too were the best kept secret. Brandwise offers marketing strategy and design that is unmatched by a lot of our competitors. Still, we for years had a slow stream of business.

Then we did something different, something we now recommend all our clients do. Start blogging!

Basically, the first thing you need to do to entice a prospect to talk to you is prove you know what you are talking about. Yes having a digital brochure website is good, but rarely will it get found unless you know the prospect. So adding the blog to your site allows you to educate your following and prospects. Very quickly this sets you up as a leader in your industry. This brings you more traffic to your website and starts getting you more followers and more comments. The comments to your blog allows you to start engaging prospects and opening the door to a sales conversation.

On top of all this the search engines now are starting for rank your site higher and higher due to increased traffic to your site and also by the use of strategic keywords you use in your articles to get found. This is one of the strongest ways to build your online brand and credibility. As you may know people only do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. Use search engines to get known. Use your user friendly, nicely designed, educational and engaging site to get them to like your company and you personally. By repetition of quality content, engagement and service you will build more trust than you can shake a stick at.

All of this will bring you more and more leads and referral business until you are the worlds worst kept secret and everyone is talking about how great your business is.

Now get out there and start blogging!