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The importance of blogging: 3 out of 5 online shoppers use search engines.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Feb 03, 2011

Over the last two years as we have been promoting the importance and need of content marketing through blogging, there is one answer we regularly get.  

We can't do that or I'm not sure we can write articles all the time, our employees are already overworked.

This is easy to understand. I too was a little unsure if this writing thing was something we would be able to keep up for the long-term. It has now been nearly two years and we have been going strong with nearly two articles a week for the last two years. Wow!

I am not going to tell you this was easy or that it isn't a ton of work. What I will tell you is that the results of doing this has changed our business. You see people today are searching more and more everyday for items they want to buy.

Consumers are more educated today than ever before. If you are thinking about blogging or decided against blogging, let me share something with you.

Your customers are searching for you right now. What are you doing to get found? If you are not publishing content about your products and how you service your customers, one of your competitors is doing this. Those competitors are the ones coming up when your (perspective) customer does a search.

The top 3 competitors that come up in search engines in your industry are the top 3 choices customers use to make their buying decisions.

Another thing to keep in mind is since your blog and the content you put on it is what is helping open the door for your customers, this might not be the place to deligate this work to non-marketing or sales minded staff. The goal of developing content is to stand out and attract new customers or more importantly educate prospects on why you are a better solution. Understanding keywords and using them in your articles will help you get found for the right searches your customers will be doing.


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Here is an example of the type of steady growth you can expect from organic searches. Notice that because we have been blogging on a regular basis, our organic search has continually improved over time. Many of our clients that commit to blogging every week are seeing similar results and those who don't blog regularly see mediocre results.

Please answer these questions:

  • For those of you not blogging yet, what keeps you from starting a blog?
  • For those of you blogging, what kind of results have you seen from regular blogging? 


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