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Brandwise's Top 10 iPhone social media apps.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Nov 08, 2010

I love my iphone and the amount of apps available are endless and amazing. But what are the ones we find most useful? Well here is our list:

  1. LinkedIn - great for staying connected to all your business contact where ever you go. Although I haven't used it yet, this tool also has a great way to connect to new contacts if they too use the linkedin app. Similar to Bump, you can transfer your contact info just by pushing your phone together. Are business cards a thing of the past?

  2. Facebook - this app is a great way to stay in touch with both business and personal friends and family. If your waiting in line or early for a meeting, this is a great way to catch up and connect with friends. The new Places tool allows you to check in which can be helpful if your meeting friends at a big event. It also makes it very easy to upload photos and make postings to your fan-page.

  3. Twitter - although this app may not be the best tool for twitter, I still use it from time to time to do quick tweets when I am away from my computer. There are other tools like tweetdeck that active twitter users might find more helpful. If you are not a master tweeter, then the standard Twitter app might be just the tool you need.

  4. Foursquare - although on one level, this totally goes against everything I believe in (hiding from big brother) I have embraced this app. This is the major tool used for checking in at sites like retail locations or food joints. It is much better thn Facebook places in my opinion since you can also share tips and get deals at certain locations - example free chips and salsa at Chilli's. For retail businesses, this could be a powerful tool for attracting customers and building customer loyalty.

  5. Grader - this tool is awesome for the web developers out there or for the business owners or marketing people managing website that are analytics geeks. I use this tool to stay on top of my clients sites and to grade prospects sites. It is a great tool to show clients the truth about their current website. This is put out by Hubspot and also includes twitter grader. Both are good tools. I do think however that this app needs a little work or could be a lot more valuable if there were some aditional tools added.

  6. YouTube - this tool makes it easy to show clients or prospects educational videos or your YouTube Channel. So it can help with the dog and pony show or just be fun and a time waster. There are so many videos on YouTube today though, you can nearly learn anything you want to know both business and personal.

  7. Mashable - want to learn all things social media? This is the app for you. These guys collect all the great stories from all over the web into one location. Just a great resource.

  8. digg - again, another resource for all things digital news. This app covers social media stuff, but also covers many other topics. It is another great place to post articles and connect with friends.

  9. Neo Reader - when it comes to QR Codes, this is my reader of choice. There are a lot of readers out there, but this one seems to work best for most of the QR Codes I scan.

  10. Google Reader - for those of you that want to only read specific types of news. Google reader is the tool for you. Basically you use google reader to subscribe to blogs that you like and then instead of going to the actual blog or several different blogs, your google reader will offer the ability to read all your favorite blogs in one place. Want to keep your fingers on the pulse of an industry or topic? Then Google reader is the tool for you.
We would love to hear your thoughts on these social media apps and know of any other ones you think should be added to the list. Please share your thoughts below as a comment. Thanks!

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