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Inbound Marketing and Brand Strategy changes direction for Brandwise!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Aug 31, 2010

Brandwise has taken a new direction by offering more Inbound Marketing and Brand Strategy over the last few years. Although our number one goal is still helping you build a strong brand that allows you a greater profit margin, we understand the price and time commitment involved with such things may not fit all company budgets.

That is is why we are starting a lot of clients out with an inbound marketing campaign.

When an Inbound Marketing campaign is:

  • set up properly
  • the client is committed to either do the inbound marketing work internally or hire an expert to do the inbound marketing work (minimum of 10 hours per week)
  • and their is a branding strategy in place

then the client will see great success and this will, over time, help build a solid brand.

The important thing about this approach is it really helps build effective marketing habits. Once these habits are in place the whole team and company becomes more committed to the marketing process. Seeing great results allows companies to get serious and set up marketing budgets that will increase in order to reach newly set goals and objectives. This branding strategy allows to you reach and exceed these marketing goals.

So you may be asking yourself, is this something only for large B2B companies?

The answer is no. An Inbound Marketing program works for everyone. As a matter of fact it levels the playing field for small companies because they are now able to compete with anyone large or small. The other great feature of the inbound marketing programs is beyond the low cost for the big reach you are able to create, this system also keeps the cost of testing new ideas very low. Because cost isn't an issue the inbound marketing system allows us to work failure into the system and overcome the normal fear of trying new ideas due to the cost or risk of failure. This allows us to get more creative and test what ideas will work and scrapping or reworking bad ideas. Due to tracking and measurement tools we can then start focusing on and committing time and resources to marketing and brand building areas that really work.

If you would like to learn more about Inbound Marketing give us a call at 817-244-0990 or you can Start Demanding Success from your Website.